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The Dream Of Flying And Harmony Of The Nature


Christian Moullec flying with his wild goose

As being invited by ASFC ( Aero Sport Federation of China), ASA president Shudong Li has attended to the 2015 China International Airsport Festival. The airshow was hosted by China General Administration of Sport and the Government of Shandong Province. The event turned out good and the ASFC’s national sky diving team and other professional aerobatic team performed an excellent show, especially the pilot Christian Moullec from France, flying with his eight wild gooses, had left a special impression to the audience. Christian has already lived with these gooses for 15 years, they see each others as families. This show is a special gift for Chinese aviation fans, which presented the aviation spirit, the dream of flying and the harmony of the nature.

 Opening Ceremony 

     Director of ASFC Ms. Li Zhengmei hosted the opening ceremony


ASFC aircraft team

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