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ASA Achieves Success at 9th Annual Anyang Aviation Expo

On May 27, came good news from Henan Anyang, ASA “Anyang International Aviation City,” development project had made significant progress and has officially signed the first batch of four sports aviation manufacturers, which will be stationed in Anyang this year, at the economic and technological development zone. Anyang City and ASA have agreed to set up another six overseas sports aviation manufacturers next year. ASA’s “Anyang International Aviation City” industrial development has laid a solid foundation, and the whole project is ready to go.

Opening Ceremony
Mayor of Anyang City Mr. Wang Xinwei Presided Over the Event

ASA Manufacturer Group on VIP Stage

Anyang Urban and Rural Integration Demonstration District Administration Committee Deputy Director Mr. Sun Jianguo and ASA Representative Galen Geigley Signing a Collaboration Agreement for First Four US Light Sport Manufacturers to Set up in Anyang City

ASA Team at 2017 China General Aviation Demonstration District Development Forum
Galen Geigley of Powrachute Presentation at General Aviation Industrial Forum

President of Evolution Aircraft Mr. Larry Mednick Presentation at General Aviation Industrial Forum


ASA Indoor Exhibition Hall
Blackhawk Paramotors Booth

Evolution Aircraft Booth

Powrachute Booth

Northwing Trike Booth
Paul Mather President of M-Squared Aircraft

ASA Flight Suit booth and other aircraft booth

Anyang City Mayrr Mr. Wang Xinwei Testing out the Single Seat REV
Deputy Mayor Mr. Tian Haitao and Aviation City Administration Committee Deputy Director Mr. Sun Jiangou Personally guide the Exhibition Hall Set up.
Anyang City Business Bureau Testing Out the M-squared Aircraft


ASA Exhibition Hall was a complete success, all of our colleagues sincerely thank the Aero Sports Federation of China’s(ASFC) vice chairman Li Zhengmei,  for the care and encouragement, as well as the ASFC service company general manager of Lei Yin for the in person guidance; thanks to Anyang City leaders at all levels for the strong support and help. We are also particularly grateful to the Anyang Technical University and Flight College for their strong assistance during the aviation expo. We look forward to working together in the future to jointly build ASA’s “Aviation Vocational and Technical College” for the future development of China’s aviation industry training professionals.

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