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Anyang City and Sebring City Collaborating on Sports Aviation Development

On April 25 to 28, Invited by the Aero Sports Association(ASA) Mayor Wang Xinwei led the Anyang City General Aviation delegation in the successful visit to the United States, which opened the “China Aviation Capital” international development tour.

The delegation first visited the ASA headquarters in Silicon Valley, then visited the San Carlos aviation museum, as well as the Palo Alto airport  and Stanford University. The next stop was Mesa, Arizona to visit the McDonnell  Helicopter headquarters, and later visited the United States most famous aviation town, Spruce Creek, as well as the  aviation city of Sebring.

Anyang is called the “capital of aviation” city in China, where China’s first and biggest pilot school and sports aviation training base is located. Anyang has also been hosting the annual international sports aviation expo and air show for the past 9 years. Just like Anyang city, the City of Sebring in Florida has also been organizing an annual international sports aviation expo for the past 14 years. During this trip, ASA and the Sebring Regional Airport Authority worked together to successfully bring both aviation cities together to create a bridge for international sports aviation culture and tourism industry exchange. Both cities have agreed to develop a friendly cooperation between the two cities, and through friendly consultations, have reached agreement on the establishment of Friendly Cooperation City relationship.

The president of Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association(LAMA) Mr. Dan Johnson, warmly welcomed the Anyang delegation to visit the famous fly-in community of Spruce Creek.

Sebring County and City Officials and Regional Airport Authority Officials Prepared for Anyang City Delegation Visit
Anyang City Mayor Wang Xingwei and ASA President Shudong Li Leading the Delegation Arrival
Sebring City Mayor John Shoop Meeting Anyang City Mayor at Airport
In middle, Sebring Regional Airport Authority Deputy Director Mike Willingham Who Organized this Event    

The Mayor of Sebring City hands the Key of the City to Anyang Mayor Wang Xingwei

Anyang Mayor Wang Xingwei Brings Special Gift of 5 Bull Embroidered Artwork which Originated from Anyang

Anyang Mayor Wang Xingwei and delegation Visits ASA Head Office
California House of Representative Sports Committee Chair Assembly member Kensen Chu Representative Presented a Recognition to the Delegation and ASA

The Delegation Arrives at Spruce Creek
LAMA’s President Mr. Dan Johnson and his Wife Welcomed the Mayor and Delegation



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