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AOPA China Visits ASA

ASA and AOPA China had a very productive meeting on March 31st, 2016. AOPA China’s Director, Mr. Zhang Feng invited by the CAAA president Michael Leng and delegations visited the ASA headquarter in Silicon Valley to meet the president of ASA, Mr. Shu Dong Li. AOPA China is a national organization for pilots and aircraft owners. They are a members of IAOPA. In the meeting, Mr. Zhang Feng explained China’s AOPA new project called “AOPA Cloud” a newly launched aviation platform to support the AOPA China members’ activities and social network for their members. President Mr. Shu Dong Li of ASA also explained ASA’s international exchange platform as well as the development of an online store for aviation called TeamUp Air. The two organizations are highly interested in discussing a strategy collaboration to combine resources and serve and develop the aviation market in China and US.



ASA Attends AOPA China’s Presentation on “AOPA Cloud”

On Wednesday, March 30th 2016, AOPA China had a presentation at Sofia University in Palo Alto, Ca. The presentation was on AOPA China’s new aviation platform called “AOPA Cloud”.

CAAA president Michael Leng organized Event at Sofia university and Smart City Association

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