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ASA and China Communication Construction Co., Ltd. Signing Ceremony


The China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. Central-China Regional headquarter (Central-China general headquarters) and Aero Sports Association (ASA) U.S. strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held on October 17, 2017 in Wuhan, China at the Communication Construction Co., Ltd. Huazhong headquarters conference hall. General Manager Peng Liangxing and ASA Chairman Li Shudong, on behalf of their respective enterprise and organization signed the strategic cooperation agreement. At the signing ceremony, the general manager of Pengliang Xing in China submitted the details of the various business segments of China National Construction including the future development of CCCC’s headquarter including the development of imagination and planning , the Aero Sports Association Chairman Li Shudong briefly introduced ASA’s situation and the progress of the project in the domestic development in recent years, and introduced the new concept, an operation method and the overall layout of ASA’s development of China’s general aviation and aeronautical industry in a presenation. Both sides agreed to make full use of CCCC’s Central-China headquarter in the strong financial strength, the top world-class designer team and world-class construction capabilities, as well as ASA which has vast overseas industrial resources, design and operation ideas, and advanced aviation technology to carry out all-round docking, and jointly set up a business group, thus ASA will ensure the rapid start of each project and docking, to achieve accurate and efficient cooperation and operating mode.

Participants in the signing ceremony included the CCCC’s Central Regional Headquarter staffs: Central-China Regional headquarter’s general manager Peng Liangxing, secretary of Communist Party Xiao Jisheng, vice general manager Fang Weidong, deputy general manager Zhang Lin, deputy general manager Xiong Youshan, assistant of general manager Yu Datao, general manager of investment department Xie Gaochao, general manager of integrated management Deng Zhong, general manager of Hubei headquarter Chen Dongbo, vice president of investment Yu Jing, American Aero Sports Association staff: American Aero Sports Association Chairman Li Shudong, ASA China Beijing headquarter vice president of the Su Zhendong, chief engineer of Beijing headquarter, Guo Yang, vice president of Central-China Li Yang, vice president of investment in Central-China Zhao Hui, Central-China District chief engineer Guo Shuyin, Central-China District Office Director Ge Xiangxin attended the signing ceremony.

China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Construction CCCC”) is the world’s leading large-scale infrastructure integrated service providers, mainly engaged in transportation infrastructure investment and construction operations, equipment manufacturing, real estate and urban comprehensive development, etc. Provide for customers with investment and financing, consulting planning, design and construction, management and operation of a package of solutions and integrated services.

CCCC in Hong Kong, Shanghai, the company’s profitability and value creation capabilities in the global counterparts in a leading position. In 2016, CCCC built No.110 among the Fortune 500

At present, CCCC is the world’s largest port design and construction company, the world’s largest highway and bridge design and construction company, the world’s largest dredging company, the world’s largest container crane manufacturing company, the world’s largest offshore oil drilling platform design company; The largest international engineering contracting company, China’s largest design company, China’s largest highway investor; has the largest civilian fleet in China.

CCCC adheres to “let the world more smooth, so that the city is more livable, so that life is better” for the vision, adhering to the “solid foundation of the monasticism, the performance of far distance” as business mission, adhere to the “blend of the world, Spirit, is trying to build a world-renowned project contractors, urban integrated development operators, specialty real estate business, infrastructure, integrated investors, marine heavy industry and harbor equipment manufacturing integrators, the first to build a world-class enterprises.

The Aero Sports Association (ASA) is an industry organization that consists of US light-aeronautic manufacturing companies, consisting of European and American aircraft manufacturing companies, aviation institutions, aero sports groups and aviation clubs. Headquartered in California, USA. Membership companies and organizations include fixed wing, rotorcraft, glider, delta wing, power parachutes, various aviation materials enterprises, aviation colleges, vocational colleges, clubs, air show agencies and aerobatics and other organizations. In recent years, focusing on Sino-US aviation industry exchanges and cooperation, has accompanied with the China Aviation Association ASFC, China Aviation International Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Aviation Industry Association of Shandong Province, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Aviation Association, Tai’an City People’s Government, Anyang City Government, Sports Bureau of Jilin City , other governments and industry organizations to establish a wide range of cooperative relations. The business covers aviation industry technology introduction, industrial park development, theme park and aviation town design and construction, flight supermarket and flight club chains operation, air show forum and vocational education training etc,.

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