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ASA & ASL held a signing ceremony on August 13 at ASA’s headquarters in San Jose, CA

The strategic cooperation agreement was signed by ASA’s president Shudong Li and ASL’s president Marque Cornblatt. The vice-president of ASL Douglas Burnet, as well ASA’s Director of Creative Operations Miguel Iniguez and ASA’s Chief Finance Officer Jenny He were in attendance.

Since 2011 the Aerial Sports League has been the global leader in drone sports entertainment & media.  With over 1 million spectators, the ASL has pioneered robotic sports entertainment for the masses. 

The Aerial Sports League (ASL) is a worldwide leader in drone sports, entertainment and media. The ASL team is made up of inventors, engineers, action sports pioneers & media specialists who share a common goal of pushing the limits of sports and technology.


















The agreement was signed with the purpose to promote and develop drone sports and combat as well as drone technology development events and projects.







ASA and ASL have agreed to work with Hiller Museum to set up an annual international aviation forum, an international aviation education base, a drone sports and combat training base, and will also set up an invention lab for drone technologies to test and develop drones at Hiller Museum in San Carlos, California. 





















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