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ASA Exploring a Strategic Partnership with BGAC

Shudong Li, the president of the ASA, had a detailed discussion with the general manager of the Beijing General Aviation Co. (BGAC) on September 21st, in Beijing, China. This is the second time the two groups have met, following on from their initial meeting at the Shandong Airshow. The two groups reached a consensus on exploring a strategic partnership to develop a general international aviation market.

Beijing General Aviation Co., part of the BAIC Group, operates within the aircraft manufacturing chain providing high added value services that support and strengthen the industry. BGAC is responding to the national strategic industry development plan put out by the Chinese Central Government, by attracting international resources, and creating a capital economic circle for the high-end manufacturing industry. This is an important milestone in the BAIC Group, which until recently has concentrated on the automotive industry.

The ASA will help BGAC reach the US market. This includes creating nationwide sales and distribution centers for Light Sports Aircraft, both in the US and in China, and providing help to reach US based GA companies. This will create business opportunities for investments, and create manufacture centers in China. BGAC is now working with ASA and its member companies to select light sport aircraft and other products for  distribution in China. This will be done through TeamUp Air, which is the ASA’s official Store, or through BGAC’s own channels. It is expected that first purchases will be made in 2016.


Director Wang Xianyu ASA Shu Dong Li, General Manager Ling Zhuanghuai, and Vice President Wang Yuexing

北京通航BGAC has invested US$180 million to set up the Chinese-based manufacture of the New Zealand PAL P750 XSTOL III. Above shows the roll-out of the first ever Chinese produced P750.

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