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ASA Investment Team Gathered in Tai’an

ASA Investment Team Gathered in Tai’an, Shandong, Planning the Establishment of Shandong Regional Headquarters

ASA China Team Visit Taian City
US ASA Investment Team Visit Taian City

The ASA aviation flight camp project is one of the fifteen pilot flight camp projects approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the State Sports General Administration of Air Sports Management Center.


ASA will start to build the 666-acre ASA Aviation Sports Industry Park in Tai’an, Shandong Province in the next 3 to 5 years, making full use of the ASA industrial platform to build the gateway for European and American aero sports and general aviation enterprises to enter the China market. The projects include ASA flight camps, flight clubs, ASA aero sports supermarket, aero sports assembly center, as well as youth aviation science education and entertainment centers, etc. The overall construction and development will be implemented in three stages.


In order to better prepare for the construction of the ASA Tai’an flight camp, ASA organized two visits to Tai’an city with two important delegations on October 21-22 and October 24-25, respectively.



The first delegation was led by ASA Vice President, Zhao Mingjie, and the members include President of Shandong Aviation Industry Association, Mr. Sun Dehan, Director of Investment Department of China National Aviation Construction International Investment Co., Ltd, Mr. Wang Wei, President of Zhonglian Shenghe Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd, Mr. Lou Shanliang, Executive Vice Dean of Shuangchuang College in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Hong Yong, Vice Dean of College of Environment in Beijing Normal University, Mr. Zhang Xiaoli, and Ms. Zhi Shasha from All China Lawyers Association, etc.


The second delegation was led by ASA President Shudong Li, whose members include the well-known investor in Silicon Valley and Fund Manager of TestLink Capital, Li Guangyi, Senior Manager of Foxconn U.S., David Fox, Executive Principal of San Joaquin Valley, Nick Gomez, and others.


The location of the ASA aviation flight camp is tentatively set in Culai scenic region that lies in the southeast of the Mount Tai in Shandong Province. The splendid Dawan River is located in this beautiful scenic region, in harmony with the Mount Tai, endowing this area with abundant natural and cultural resources.


The construction of the flight camp will follow the mode of government and social capital cooperation, together with Aero Sports Association, to carry out strategic cooperation in investment, technology, personnel, tourists and other fields to implement the flight camp project and to promote general aviation industry. Programs such as private flights, business flights, aviation leasing, aviation sports, aviation tourism, and aviation training, will be developed based on the flight supermarket and flight clubs.

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