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ASA Seeks Investment Opportunity in Zhenjiang City

On October 25 and October 26, the ASA aviation vocational eduction delegation visited Jiangsu Aviation Technical College. The delegation was led by the president of the Aero Sports Association, Shudong Li, and the Executive Principal of San Joaquin Valley College in United States, Nick Gomez. During their visit there, they discussed the cooperation and training projects between ASA and Jiangsu Aviation Technical College for Sino-US aviation vocational education.On the basis of ASA’s cooperation platform, ASA and Jiangsu Aviation Technical College will join together to explore a new mode for Sino-US vocational education cooperation.

Jiangsu Aviation Technical College is eligible for the admission of 5,000 students. In 2016, Jiangsu Aviation Technical College enrolled first batch of 500 students. With the development of general aviation and aero sports, the vocational education and training market in China has a bright prospect. Trough ASA’s cooperation platform, Jiangsu Aviation Technical College will be able to combine the US’ technology advantage and China’s market potential to establish a professional and international brand.

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