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ASA Visits ASFC to Promote Cooperation Development

ASA Visited Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC) in Beijing, to promote the Cooperation and Development of ASA and ASFC. On October 28, the president of Aero Sports Association (ASA), Shudong Li, visited the new director of China Aviation Sports Management Center, Director Jia Bing, by the referral of the former Director Li Zhengmei.

Director Li Zhengmei gave a detailed introduction to the past cooperation between ASA and ASFC, reviewed the cooperation projects and achievements made by ASA and ASFC in the past few years, and introduced the plan to further strengthen the communication and development of China and US’s aero sports industry during China’s thirteenth five-year plan.

Director Li Zhengmei also mentioned that the ASA’s flight camps and flight supermarket project have been included in ASFC’s construction plan for 2,000 flight camps during China’s thirteenth five-year plan. The projects will be implemented step by step starting in 2017 as pilot projects in the first batch of 15 pilot cities selected by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the National Administration of Sports, which will build a fast and convenient gateway for American light sports manufacturing industries to reach the mainstream market in China via ASA’s platform.

The president of ASA, Shudong Li, thanked the ASFC for their support in the past years, and expressed his expectation of working with ASFC in the future on aviation activities in China and in the United States to jointly promote the development of Sino-US aero sports industry, including the WFE Airshow in Wuhan in 2017. ASA also invited ASFC to visit in the United States during EAA activities next year.

Other participants including the Director of Aviation Industrial Park Administrative Committee of Xihua County in Zhoukou City, Song Guangliang, also attended the meeting.


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