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Aviation Sports Development and Education

President of Aero Sports Association Shudong Li was Invited to Have a Speech with College of Aviation in San Jose State University

In recent years, with China Aero Sport Association’s promote and support, aviation sport “Flying Camps” projects have very good progresses and under more developments. While learning experiences from European and American aero sports industry, China Aero Sport Association has abandoned some of the objective factors which put restrictions on the aero sport development, and the innovation laid the solid foundation for the great development of the unique Chinese aviation industry near the future.

In order to build the aviation industry, aviation education and industrial operation are very important in addition to infrastructure construction. In a metaphor, the infrastructure construction is like a body, and education is like a soul; therefore, both are very important factors to make a great aviation industry. Anyang is known as capital of aviation in China, and it is the leading city in aero sport industry.

There is a long way to develop an industry. We will need to educate the market, and put education as the first movement.

To achieve the healthy development of a complete industrial chain, education and training should be arranged as soon as possible. Since ASA landed the project in Anyang, while importing oversea manufacture enterprises, ASA also actively work on aviation education areas. In November 2017, ASA helped to make the strategic cooperation between San Jose State University, San Joaquin Valley College, and Anyang Institute of Technology in both academic and vocational education programs. In May 2018, there will be first batch of college professors and students visit Anyang Institute of Technology for training and education exchange.

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