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AVIC AIC Strongly Supports ASA China Aviation Development Project

April, 14th, 2016, the China Aviation International Construction Co., Ltd.(AVIC AIC) and ASA held a strategic collaboration contract signing ceremony at AVIC AIC headquarters in Beijing. The AVIC AIC General-Manager Mr. Bai Haiping, and Director of AVIC AIC Civil Aviation Division Mr. Wang Wei, as well as ASA President Mr. Shudong Li and ASA Vice-President Mr. Zhao Mingjie attended the ceremony. AVIC AIC is under the Civil Aviation Administration of China CAAC and will provide financial investment support for the project, such as: facility construction,certification process, and financial support.

Formerly  known  as  the  China  Aviation  Construction  and  Development  Corporation,  founded  in 1985. Being qualified as a class A architectural designer, China Aviation International Construction Co., Ltd. (AVIC AIC) is one of the first groups of units to qualify for EPC in China. ASA has partnered with AVIC AIC with the purpose to provide a potential aviation companies who are interested in China’s aviation market.

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ASA President Shudong Li and AVIC AIC General Manager Haiping Bai


Left is ASA Vice President Mingjie Zhao, Right Director of AVIC AIC  Mr. Wang Wei


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