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California House of Representatives Supports ASA China-USA Aviation Education

On Sep11,  Invited by the State of  California Chair of  Sports, Science &Technology and culture  committee, State Assemblyman  Mr. Kenson Chu,  Li Xuezhi – Vice president of Chinese Anyang Institute of  Technology , Li Shudong -ASA Chairman, Fred Barez -Director of the Aviation Department of San Jose State University California,  and Nick Gomez – the  COO of San Joaquin Valley College  United States, joined together to discuss the new ways in which Chinese and American universities can fully engage in aviation sports, technology incubation and joint education.

The event was also held in response to the initiative of the governor of California in 2017 to strengthen the China-US friendly provincial exchange, which was convened by the chairman of the California House of Representatives, Chairman of the Sports, Technology, Culture and Tourism Commission. The goal is to gradually explore the China-US friendship and provincial exchanges and cooperation in the new channels and the implementation of the project and deepen the development in new ways.

After extensive discussion, the participants reached an important consensus on cooperation. It was agreed that the aviation, sports, science and technology and education were the starting point, with the attempt to fully utilize the resources and platform of ASA U.S. as well as the resources of San Jose State University, Chinese Anyang Institute of Technology and the priorities of San Joaquin Valley College  United States , including all the domain of  General aviation education, co-education, vocational education, faculty training, research &development and innovation institute of Entrepreneurship before spreading the beneficial trial.

On the right is Chairman Zhu of P.E.,culture,science&technology and tourism committee of California House of representatives

Discuss corporation

Welcome Vice President Li Xuezhi of Chinese Anyang Institute of  Technology and ASA Chairman Li Shudong

The hall of California State

The building of California State

Vice President of Chinese Anyang Institute of Technology,Li Shudong visited the famous Translink director Silicon Valley –Li Guangyi in paving communications of science &technology between China and USA.

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