GT Waunakee Airsport: Small in…Sean Sporie

The Waunakee airport (6P3) and its surrounding community are unlike any other airport I have experienced before. When most people think of an airport, they think of mile long wide strips of tarmac with commercial jets busily shuttling people back and forth across the world. However this is but a small percentage of actual airports […]

ForeFlight: How iPad Revolutionizes FlyingMitch Stingl

iPads allow millions of people to check their email, watch television shows, read books, listen to music and much more!  A more recent addition to this list is the ability to fly airplanes.  No, not like remote control airplanes (although iPads can do that too).  These personal computers are helping pilots fly real-life airplanes.  The […]

GT 500 Ag Spray System High Efficiency Aerial Application System

BASIC USE AND DESIGN CRITERIA The Aerial Application Agricultural Spray System is a culmination of more than 20 years of development of Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) technology by such AG companies as Broyhill, Micronair, Aerolites and others. We have, after years of use in the field, taken thesystem to the next generation with new pump […]

Last Resort: The Ballistic Parachuting SystemJoshua Gilberts

The perceived dangers in a General Aviation aircraft take roots in nothing but its size: it’s too small. To non-professionals this perception translates into firm beliefs that these little planes simply fall apart midair and smash into the ground. However, for those who have such an inherent phobia for flying in small planes, there is […]

No Kidding: Chinese Conglomerate Locks Onto General Aviation

A Chinese company named Hanxing Group, an industrial conglomerate with major investment in energy, real estate, chemical, and automobile business has recently set it’s another track into the nearly non-existing General Aviation (GA) industry. Hanxing is perhaps one of a few companies that are serious about general aviation in China. Many still-surviving Chinese GA companies […]

An Old Idea Re-Innovated

If you follow General Aviation technology news, it’d be obvious to you that GA airplanes are gradually being designed and made into “mini airliners”. Glass cockpit, synthetic vision, sophisticated autopilot, and anti-ice: you name it. Now there is a group of graduating engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who decided to take it even […]