ASA Anyang Aero Sports Theme Park + flight camp design complete!

The ASA Anyang Aero Sports Theme Park + flight camp design is complete, which ASA started to build at the Anyang International Aero Sports City has been progressing smoothly. In accordance with Anyang city’s cultural heritage and industrial characteristics, combined with the actual project location and the characteristics of the surrounding facilities of the Anyang legend “mysterious […]

ASA’s International Sports Aviation Industry Forum

July 27, 2017, organized by the Aero Sports Association (ASA) the “2017 International Sports Aviation Industry Forum” was held at EAA AirVenture. Participants included: representatives from China’s Sports Buru, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, As well as more than 50 aviation manufacturing enterprises from the United States, Europe, Australia and South Africa who attended […]

Anyang City and Sebring City Collaborating on Sports Aviation Development

On April 25 to 28, Invited by the Aero Sports Association(ASA) Mayor Wang Xinwei led the Anyang City General Aviation delegation in the successful visit to the United States, which opened the “China Aviation Capital” international development tour. The delegation first visited the ASA headquarters in Silicon Valley, then visited the San Carlos aviation museum, as […]

ASA Begins To Set Up First Distributing Center In Anyang City

Anyang City is called the “capitol of sports aviation” in China and ASA has been working with the city to develop the sports aviation industry for 4 years. Based on ASA’s suggested project plan, Anyang City will be merging their sports aviation industry project with their new city development. The project includes an aero sports museum, […]

NDRC issues “The Key Tasks for Recent Promotion of General Aviation Industry”

  Recently,The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)  issued the notice of “The Key Tasks for Recent Promotion of General Aviation Industry”. To speed up the development of general aviation service support capability, to promote industrial transformation and development, and release the consumption potential, the General Office of the State Council issued on May 13 […]

What is a Flight Camp in China?

Definition of Flight Camp What is a Flight Camp? In simple terms, a flight camp is a place where people who love sports aviation come to gather. Flight Camp Layout Four Requirements The layout of the camp must meet the following four requirements Local Economy Development Needs Sports Industry Development Needs Tourism Industry Development Needs […]

GT Waunakee Airsport: Small in…Sean Sporie

The Waunakee airport (6P3) and its surrounding community are unlike any other airport I have experienced before. When most people think of an airport, they think of mile long wide strips of tarmac with commercial jets busily shuttling people back and forth across the world. However this is but a small percentage of actual airports […]