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China’s Invention Association Yuhua Rong met with ASA and his party in Beijing


At the invitation of the China Invention Association, Shudong Li, the President of the Aero Sports Association (ASA), conducted a series of  meetings in Guangzhou, Beijing and Zhengzhou from August 7th to 9th. Secretary General and Executive vice President of the China Invention Association, Mr. Huarong Yu met with President Li and his party in Beijing and invited him to attend the Henan Brand Revitalization “Civil Wine Tasting and New Product Launch Conference” held in Zhengzhou.

The China Invention Association was established in Beijing in 1985 with the approval of the Central Committee under the joint initiative of 135 people including party and state leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and social activists. Among the joint initiatives were Jintao Hu (the former president of China),  Zhifu Ni, Jiahua Zou, Zhaoguo Wang, Jian Song, Jinfu Zhang, Daohan Wang and other leading cadres, including Xuesen Qian, Jiayu Huang, Shanbao Jin, Dazhao Wang, Dongsheng Yan, Guangdou Zhang, Xianglin Hou, Hong Shen, Heng Wu, etc. Academician), Comrade  Yingchao Deng inscribed the name of the invention association. Xiannian Li, Yilin Yao,  Lanfu Wu,  Yi Fang, Muhua Chen, Renzhong Wang, Qiaomu Hu and other party and state leaders attended the inaugural meeting of the association. After the establishment of the association, Comrade Rongzhen Nie was appointed honorary president, Comrade Heng Wu was the president (first, second and third), Yandong Liu (Deputy Primer Minister) and Li Nie as vice presidents, and Comrade Zhifu Ni was the chairman of the Fourth National Council. Comrade Lilan Zhu was the chairman of the 5th and 6th sessions. Wang Xuan, Zhifu Ni and Li Nie were elected as honorary directors. On May 16, 2016, the 7th National Congress of the China Invention Association was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Keqiang Li (Prime Minister), member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, made important instructions on the convening of the conference and the work of the China Invention Association. Yunhe Pan, the director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was elected as the chairman of the 7th Council of the China Invention Association. Huarong Yu was elected executive vice president and secretary general, Jack Ma, Chuanfu Wang, Yuandong Zou, Shilong Xu, Pengzhi Liu (female), Xijuan Wang (female),  Hanting Fang, and Academician  Chuliang Yan were elected as deputy directors and executive directors. They hired the “father of hybrid rice” Longping Yuan as an advisor to the China Invention Association, Yongmin Wang, Qifan Bao and  Peisheng Cao as honorary deputy Chairman of the board.

Secretary General Huarong Yu cordially met with President Shudong Li

Vice President of China Invention Achievement Transformation Research Institute hosted ASA President Shudong Li and his party in Foshan City

Going to Zhengzhou to participate in activities

Meet with Secretary General Yu and Henan Province Government Officials

Chairman of Zhengzhou Activity China Red Wine Circulation Association signed a signature for the civil rights wine

Group photo of guests attending Zhengzhou activities

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