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LAMA President Dan Johnson Visits Civil Aviation Management Institute of China

On December 15, invited by AeroJones Aircraft Company, Mr. Dan Johnson, President of United States Light Sports Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA), Mr. Li Shudong, President of Aero Sports Association (ASA), Mr. Xie Qitai, Vice Executive President of Xiamen AeroJones Aircraft Company, Mr. Chen Bai Sheng, General Manager of AeroJones Germany Research & Development Center, and Ms. Zhang Yuying, Marketing Director of AeroJones Taiwan, visited Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC).

Founded in 1982, CAMIC is the only institution of higher education directly under Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). In addition to academic education, as the training center for the Party School of CAAC, the Civil Aviation Administration and the CAAC Business Management Research Base, CAMIC also undertakes the important tasks of training intermediate and senior management talents and reserve cadres as well as civil aviation soft science research.

During the symposium, President Dan Johnson introduced the status of the development of international light sport aviation field in detail and introduced the relevant regulations and processes of the U.S. government, aviation management departments, aviation associations and enterprises in management policies, trade organizations and business operations. He especially recommended the advantageous resources of Xiamen AeroJones Aircraft Company (the top aircraft manufacturer originated from German design and manufacturing) and Aero Sports Association (ASA) in industrial development and advanced operational management. At the same time, President Dan Johnson placed great expectations on the developments of China light aircraft industry, flight training, and other related fields.

Sun Xiaomei, President of Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, Gao Hongjiang, Vice President of Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, Ma Yanmin, Wang Weihua, Director and Vice Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Feng Jinping, Director of Civil Aviation Management Magazine, Li Wei, Vice Director of General Aviation Department, and Shan Wen, from International Exchange Department along with other leaders attended the meeting and had discussions.

Xie Qitai, Executive Vice President of AeroJones Aircraft Company, Dan Johnson, President of LAMA, Li Shu Dong, President of ASA are in the meeting


Product display of AeroJones Aircraft Company located in CAMIC

Delegation Visited Laboratory in CAMIC

Connected Aircraft Display Model

Aeronautical Equipment

FBO Information Management System

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