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Milestone for ASA Sports Aviation Developments in China

A signing ceremony between ASA and Anyang City Governments was held on the morning of February 7th, at City Hall in Anyang City, China.

ASA’s president, Shudong Li, and ASA’s Chinas Central South District Executive President, Hua Li, and member of directors along with the US delegation Nick Gomez of San Joaquin Valley College, Anssi Rekula director of the Finnish Seaplane Company ATOL, and Ronny Loewen instructor of Ultralight aircraft from Canada attended the signage ceremony. The leader of of Anyang City Governments, Mr. Gong Le Li, secretary general Zhao Ju Gai, deputy major Hai Tao Tian, also attended the ceremony. The total investment for the Anyang International Sports Aviation City project is $1.3 billion dollars with a total of 823 acres of land.

The following day, on the morning of February 8th, ASA held another signing ceremony at Wuhan City, at the administration center of Wuhan Economy and Technology Development Zone. They plan to invest $2.3 billion dollars with a total of 590 acres of land along with a large lake area for seaplanes and water sports. The project will include a seaplane training base, clubs, lake view villas and a manufacturing zone.

In recent years, China has introduced a series of preferential policies to vigorously promote the general aviation and sports aviation industry. ASA is also working with the Aero Sport Federation of China(ASFC) in 2015 to promote international aviation exchanges and cooperation. ASA will be in the full development of the two regional advantages, the use of clustering development, differentiated operational synergies in strategic partnership under the guidance of the ASFC to achieve the characteristics of the development of aviation sports industry.

Anyang is the capital of China’s aviation city. Wuhan City is one of the core cities of China. These are the top sports aviation cities in China. The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between ASA, Anyang and Wuhan has established the major aviation cities developments platform in China. The plan is to create the largest aviation sports industry center and the accumulation of advance technology research and manufacturing base in 5-10 years.

ASA Anyang International Sports Aviation City Signage Ceremony
Anyang City’s Government Officials Meeting with ASA Delegation

Wuhan City Signage Ceremony

ASA China’s Middle and South District President Hua Li and Wuhan City Industrial Base Director Jia Mao Wang

Secretary General of Wuhan City Government Mr. Hao Peng with ASA’s President Shudong Li


ASA Wuhan City Project Preparatory Committee

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