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China WFE

China’s Sports Bureau Aviation Administration Center, Aero Sports Federation of China (ASFC) and US Aero Sports Association (ASA) are working together with Wuhan City Governments along with the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) to plan to build the world fly-in exhibition (WFE), the largest air show in China.

Invited by Wuhan City Governments, the Director of ASFC, Li Zheng Mei, the representative from ASFC, Li Yin and the President from the ASA, ShuDong Li (USA) visited the Wuhan City on January 20th to work on the WFE project. The Hubei Province Sports Bureau President Hu De Chun, the deputy director Zhang Jin, and Wuhan City Council Member and the Departments of Development Presidents Mr. Zhu Yi, and Wuhan Development Zone Director Mr. Li Zhong, Wuhan General Aviation Developments and Administration Director Dou Zhi, Wuhan City Nan Kai District Vice President Liu Zhi Xue, Wuhan Sports Development Company President Wong Qi Hua, Hubei Province Aviation Administration Center Director He Zhen Guo also participated.


Wuhan City is central of China with total of more than 20 million population making it one of the larger cities in China and is an important advanced manufacturing base. Specializes in automotive industry. In the past 20 years, it has been successfully developed over 100 billions industrial clusters making a significant impact for the local economy. In order to continue being in the leading position as having the most advanced manufacturing base in China, the Wuhan City is now facing new challenges in need to find a new way to stimulate the economy. Following by the ‘National Aviation Development” Project plans, the 12th 5 year plan in China. The general Aviation is one of most next potential industry zones in China. Therefor Wuhan City has made a decision to aiming General Aviation Developments such as building General Aviation Airport and developing aviation Industrial Zone and prepared a 30 kilo meter squared land for their next 5-year project plan.



The new project includes the following fields:
1. Functionality of this Aviation Industrial Zone.
Five levels of districts to consider: International, National, Provinces, Cities, and Districts.
1) International Level: Set up official FAI World Fly-In Exhibition Normalization Venue. Supported by China ASFC, World Air Sports Federation (FAI) confirmed the WFE with Wuhan being the official place to host the event. FAI will also build their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the same region. The WFE will be held every two years including International Air Shows, Aviation Forums, Flight experiences, Aviation Scientific Research, Explore Aviation Supplies, Distributing and Sales centers, and Competition Events. The ASA will work closely with ASFC to be involved in those events.
2) National Level: Develop China’s National Aero Sports Industrial Center. The Wuhan City Governments signed strategic cooperation agreements to work with China’s Sports Bureau Aviation Administration Center and the ASFC so they can join forces, share sources, promote and build the Industrial Zone.
3) China Regions Level: Firmly seize the “Rise of Central China” and major strategic opportunity. In the next 5 years, continue to develop Wuhan’s as a regional hub airport group. Focusing on gradually growing into China’s central general aviation administration center, dispatch centers, deployment centers, and central air space control center.
4) City Level: Focuses on managing general aviation airport. Wuhan is the leading city in Hubei Province, with a total population of more than 20 million, following by the open air space throughout China, Wuhan general aviation airport will have a great opportunity to involve in flight training, cooperate individual aircraft sales, take off and landing, storage, maintaining and repair services.
5) Industrial Zone Level: Plan and build all facility needs. Managing and Promoting the Industrial Zones to Aviation Manufacturers. Build research centers and develop business circles surrounding the aviation field.

2. The Industrial Zone Floor Map.
Total of 7 different areas for the Industrial zone.
1) The core of the airport area: Total is 4.2 km square land, process of the development includes 3 different stages. The first stage is developing an A class general aviation airport which includes 1,200 meter long and 50 meter width runways, control towers, and ATC facilities. In the second and third stage, 3-5 runways will be built to meet the multi-model, multi-directional movements requirements.
2) Fly Support Areas: Around 3.8 km squared includes training facility, pilot schools, wind tunnel flight and emergency services.
3) Supporting Functions Area: 1.7 km squared space includes aviation supplies, showrooms, aviation museum, meeting space, media center, hotels and other related features.
4) Equipment manufacturing Area: 5.2 km squared space includes all Aero Sports related industries manufacturers, model aircrafts, UAV drones, aircraft assembly, etc.
5) Fly Clubs: 1.3 km squared area including comprehensive security services, catering, accommodation, shopping, entertainment and other services.
6) Seaplanes Area: A park containing 1.7 km squared area.
7) Satellite Area: 0.9 km squared: Build surveillance radar cruise.

The Wuhan City Governments will be funded a total injection capital of approximately 600 million Yuan which estimates to 100 million USA dollars for this project. Meanwhile, also attracting social capital such as BT, BOT or joint venture, etc.

This is long-term large-scale project in China that will stimulate great potential and opportunity for the aviation community. The new founded organization, ASA is very excited to be a part of those projects and looking forward to provide more sources and information for to our ASA members.

January 22 2015
WuHan China

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