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SDAIA and ASA Collaborate to Develop Regional Aero Sport Industrial Base



April 13th, 2016, the Shandong Aviation Industry Association of China (SDAIA) and ASA strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in the SDAIA headquarters in Qingdao City. The ASA President Mr. Shudong Li,Vice-President Mr. Mingjie Zhao, SDAIA President Mr. Dehan Sun, Deputy Secretary-General  Mr. Hui Zhang,  Xingjian Autonomous Region Aero Sports Association Secretary-General Mr. Yang Jun and Sanmao  Electronics Ltd CEO Mr. Shusheng Yuan also attended the ceremony.  SDAIA will collaborate with ASA to organize international aviation expos and air-shows, as well as to develop a regional sports aviation industrial base and several seaplane centers.

SDAIA is a non-profit organization approved by the Shandong province government. SDAIA has 79 corporate members, including: Shadong Airlines, Jinan International Airport Co., LD., Binzhou Aviation University, AVIC Jinan Research Center, Huizhong General Aviation Services LTD. and the Nanshan Business Jet Limited Company.

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ASA President Shudong Li, SDAIA President Dehan Sun and XJASA Secretary General

Deputy Secretary-General  Mr. Hui Zhang and ASA President Shudong Li


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