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Signing Ceremony Held at ASA’s Headquarters

ASA , Jilin City Governments and Hanxing Group signing ceremony was held at ASA’s heaquarters on May 10th, 2016.

Lead by Jilin City Mayor, Mr. Zhang Huan Qiu, the Jilin City Governments Delegation visit ASA’s Headquarters in the Sillicon Valley. The delegations also included Mr. Guo Xue director of Jilin Economic Delopment Zone and the Secretary General of Jilin City Governements, Mr. Lvren Peng. As well as Mr. Fang Tieji from Hanxing Group, Ms. Yang Leiu from Jilin City Foreign Affairs Office and Ningxia Cargo Airlines CEO, Mr. Shen Hua Wei.

ASA’s President, Mr. Shudong Li, warmly welcomed the delegation. Mr. Li explained the US aviation market situation and gave a brief introduction of ASA’s current projects and services. Mayor Zhang remarked that the Jilin City is one of the host for the 2022 winter olympic cities in Northern China. Jilin Citys Sports Bureau has hosted and organized major international sports events such as the Winter Asian Games and held the National Winter Games 3 times. This time their purpose to visit the ASA was to look for opportunities to bring in the aviation sports industry to Jilin City. The Hanxing group is a local company in Jilin City and is one of the leading companies in the general aviation fields in China. Mayor Zhang is hoping with the signing collaboration contract, will create great opportunities for these 3 groups to join force to share resources and to develop the aero sports industry in Jilin city.







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