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“Sunrui Wanji” Works Together with ASA

 “Sunrui Wanji” Works Together with ASA Aiming at the Future Billions of Annual Market, to Build Aviation Internet + Cross-Border Trade Platform

ASA Signs Agency Agreement with Luoyang Sunrui Wanji Titanium Industry Co. LTD for America, Canada, and Europe

On January 19, 2018, the signing ceremony of Luoyang Sunrui Wanji Titanium Industry, Co., Ltd. (Sunrui Wanji) and the Aero Sports Association (ASA) for the agency agreement for Europe and the Americas was held at the headquarters of Luoyang Sunrui Wanji Company. President of ASA, Li Shundong, Director Jenny He, Director of Internet + Sally Su, China Sales Representative Ren Zhiguo, Head of Flight Department Juel Gu and David Nurse, and Jiang Jianwei, General Manager of Sunrui Wanji Head of Sales Department Chai Xiaobing, Head of International Business Department Mao Yixiang, Account Manager for International Business Department Yi Qichao, Guo Xueke and Zhang Junjun, attended the signing ceremony.

“Aviation Internet + Cross-border Trade Platform” is one of the four main business sections of ASA to expand the Chinese market. The four major sections include “aviation education and training”, “aviation Internet + cross-border trade”, “aviation equipment manufacturing agglomeration area” and “aviation tourism and sports complex”.

Luoyang Sunrui Wanji Titanium Industry, Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise of professional titanium sponge production, it was jointly set up by China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Corporation, the Seven Two Five Research Institute and Wan Ji Holding Group Company, the only one domestic Large-scale tons of titanium sponge enterprise that maintains full production and sales. Its output ranks the first in domestic and the third in the world , the production capacity and technological level is at the forefront of the world.

The cooperation between ASA and Sunrui Wanji is a powerful combination of resources. According to the preliminary estimation, in the next five years, only the annual export volume of titanium metal raw materials and titanium aviation materials products will reach to two billion Chinese yuan on the ASA Aviation Internet + cross-border trade platform. This cooperation has greatly consolidated the operating basis of ASA Aviation Internet + Cross-Border Trade Platform. It will drive the import and export trade, international logistics, taxation and employment and other local economies well, and also add glory and honor to the magnificent blueprint of Anyang City to create “China’s Aviation Capital “. 

Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jiang Jianwei, general manager of Sunrui Wanji fervently leaded President Li Shudong and his delegation to visit the factory

ASA aviation technicians visited the factory

Exterior view of Sunrui Wanji Headquarters

Part of the Sunrui Wanji factory area

The simple and effective model of Sunrui Wanji quality supervision

ASA delegation toured Longmen Grottoes

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