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ASA Manufacture Delegation Visit China

ASA Manufacture Delegation Visit China

Led by ShuDong Li and Dan Johnson, Aero Sports Association (ASA) has formed a USA manufacturer delegation team to participate in the 7th Annual Anyang International Air Show.Anyang International Air Show is hosted by Hunan Province Aviation Department, Hunan Province Sport Bureau, Hunan Province Cultural Department, Hunan Province Visit Bureau, Anyang City Governments and Co-Organized by Aero Sports Association (ASA). The event goal is to become the largest LSA exposition, establish the aviation trading and exchange platform and allow participants to share and exchange information. This year is the first time the ASA, the co-organizer of this event, is involved and responsible for all overseas invitation and communication. ASA successfully formed a strong team to participate in this exciting event.During the opening ceremony, Mr. Dan Johnson will be the keynote speaker with regards to ‘China’s aviation opportunities and challenges.’ Mr. ShuDong Li will also be a keynote speaker with regards to the ‘ASA International Business Exchange and Development Services.’ A representative from China’s airspace control, China’s CAAC, and China’s General Aviation Company Representatives will all be participating. 

The following manufacturers attending from the United States are:
ShuDong Li – President of ASA

Dan Johnson – President of Dan Johnson Media, Corp.
Bob Wolstenholme – President of Lancair
Chip W. Erwin – President of Aeromarine Consul, Inc.
Darrell Lynds – President of
Fan Guo Xin – Director of TeamUpAir China Sale Center
Mike Robinson – President of BlackHawk Paramotor
Paul Mather – President of M-Square
Peter Zaccagnino – Reno Air Races/2X Gold Champion
Randy Akacich – General Manager of Lancair
Ronny Loewen – BlackHawk
Sunny Wolstenholme – Lancair International

Team Leader 
Shu Dong Li
President of Aero Sports Association (ASA)
CEO of TeamUp Air, Inc.
Team Leader 
Dan Johnson
Fonder of Dan Johnson Media Corp.
President of the Board of Directors
for LAMA

Bob Wolstenholme
Presidents of Lancair International
Chip W. Erwin
President of Aeromarine Consul, Inc.
Darrell Lynds
President of MVP.Aero, Inc.
Fan Guo Xin
Director of TeamUpAir (ASA) China Sale Center
Mike Robinson
President of BlackHawk Paramotor
Paul Mather
President of  M-Squared, Inc.
Peter Zaccagnino
President of High
Performance Aircraft Group
Reno Air Races/2X Gold Champion
Randy Akacich
General manager of Lancair
Ronny Loewen
China Sales Director of
BlackHawk Paramotor
Sunny Wolstenholm
Lancair International

Brief information about Anyang City

Anyang City is located central of China and is one of the birthplaces of Chinese culture with 3,300 years of the city’s history. With 5,599 sq. kilometers of total area, holding 5.76 millions in population and operating 4 districts, 3 counties, and 1 county level direct city, today Anyang City’s special focus is on cultural tourism as well as the aviation development. There has been so far, 6 annual Anyang International Airshow. This year, for the 7th Anyang Air Show, it is the city’s first time inviting the ASA and the manufacturer delegation team to visit China.

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